Monitor your office printers’ supply and usage levels with your own free Print Management Tool.

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Don’t continue to overspend on printer supplies and usage.

Download the Print Management Tool now to self-manage your printers’ supply and usage levels from one dashboard to help you cut back on costs.

After filling out this form, you will receive an email from one of our representatives with  a unique link to the print management software and instructions to load it so you can start managing your devices. Expect the email to hit your inbox within 48 business hours.

And don’t worry, giving us your information will not result in a flurry of daily emails or phone calls sent your way---nobody wants that.

In summary, the Print Management Tool will:

  • Keep your printers on the network so that it is in compliance with industry standards.
  • Make better-informed decisions on printing supplies by monitoring supply levels so that you can get toner or ink cartridges at the right time.
  • Track usage across your devices from your computer so you can know exactly how much you’re printing or copying at any given time.